"He who recognizes not the clear signs of the Creator in the wonders of Creation, has surely denied his own existence."


(Ml. Rafiek Mohamed) 


 "Soon will We show them Our signs on the horizons, and even in themselves until it becomes manifestly clear that it     ( the Glorious Quran ) is the Truth."
(Quran- 41:53) 


"He who recognizes not humanity in others, has certainly lost it himself."

"Most certainly We have honored the Children of Adam (Human Beings)"





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In the 20th century the focus of the battles slowly shifted from the conventional physical warfare to the more subtle, but deadlier ideological warfare. 

         This battle is being waged globally through the sophisticated, hi-tech media networks which employ TV, radio, newspaper and magazines and operate as tightly controlled cartels.    

The main aim of this ideological warfare waged by the financial elite is to win the hearts and minds of the global masses thereby removing any resistance to being enslaved or culled!

The global educational systems were first poisoned with the falsehood of Darwin’s evolution theory.

The promotion of this baseless theory led to man’s connection with God Almighty being slashed, a connection which had served as a solid foundation for truth and a shield against falsehood. Consequently, the media then has a field day to indoctrinate the masses with falsehood and immoral behavior.


 “ Yet this falsehood and indoctrination will certainly fail as it is the universal law of the Almighty Creator that Truth must prevail eventually and falsehood cannot survive forever. The Majestic Quran declares with authority: “And say: Truth has come, and Falsehood has perished, for falsehood, (by it’s very nature) is bound to perish.”(Ch.17; Ver.81)


At this point it would be appropriate to mention that Prophet Muhammad(peace of Allah be upon him) taught the Muslims this prayer:     “O Allah! Show us the Truth as the Truth, and grant us to follow it; and O Allah! Show us the falsehood as the falsehood, and grant us to abstain from it.”




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